With more than 10 years of experience, we are able to deliver you high quality websites from A to Z.It could be a content website or completely custom application, we will look together with you for the best solution that fit your needs. We are specialized in Ruby on Rails to develop custom applications, we are using Refinery Cms and WordPress for content managed websites and Spree for e-commerce websites.
ICT is everywhere!A world full of innovation offers new possibilities every day.The key to success is the selection of ingredients among these technologies to create the perfect recipe fitting right into your budget and needs.
From business model analysis to photo shooting, email marketing and SEO optimization, we provide a large portfolio of services. We understand the internet and how to make your website work.
In the case of a website, we analyze your needs and make the design to reflect maximum the image of your company or your project.As part of one Specific development, we believe the user foremost, to provide him the best possible user experience in a pleasant and thoughtful environment. In all cases, the final user or visitor is the center of attention.